Work History

Senior Software Engineer / Team Lead, Bandcamp → Epic Games




Software Engineer, Shelf Engine




Contributed to and helped to support an internal web-based application that ingests and collects data, forecasts sales, generates and sends orders, and provides reports and insight into these processes and the supporting data; all in support of the mission to reduce food waste through automation (C#, ASP.NET, MSSQL, Azure, TypeScript, Angular).

Designed and built a React Native (TypeScript) mobile app used by the field team to take inventories either manually or with a separate barcode scanner and record store information and pictures. Contributed to the supporting API (C#, ASP.NET).

Senior Software Engineer, Mighty AI → Uber ATG


Mighty AI was acquired by Uber ATG in June 2019.



Key contributor to the development, testing, and support of a suite of web-based tools used to support a mission to deliver high-quality training data for use primarily in computer vision applications. This web-based application suite allowed projects to be configured and served out to a paid community of users who answered questions, annotated and segmented images, and reviewed each other's work.

Primarily worked on the Web team, building user-facing components with React (JavaScript), which included project workflow configuration tools, and the community tools for annotating images with everything from points and boxes to full image segmentation (tracing objects in images and video and labeling traced segments). Contributed to a component library that was used as additional, smaller applications were added to the suite, and started the corresponding Living Style Guide (Gatsby). Mentored and helped guide other developers on our team.

Also worked on the Platform team, helping to build and support the Ruby on Rails (PostgreSQL) backend services that were responsible for moving data through the system, as well as the APIs that the front end applications used.

Senior Software Engineer, Jetpack Workflow




Key contributor to the development, testing, support, and deployment of a client and workflow management tool geared toward accountants. Collaborated on the development of a new version of the front end built with React for a Ruby on Rails application supported by a PostgreSQL database.

Worked with a team that focused on serving our customers, as well as continuous personal and professional growth. Helped management to get a handle on delivery timeframes and developers to have a clear understanding of what to work on by demonstrating how to break down project work and mentoring others in project planning.

Senior Software Engineer / Front End Lead,

Think Through Learning, Inc (TTL) → Imagine Learning


Promoted from Software Engineer in February 2016.

TTL was acquired by Imagine Learning in October 2016.



Key contributor to the design, development, testing, and deployment of TTL’s flagship product: an online remedial math tutoring application. TTM supported 3,000,000 students who complete over a billion math problems per school year. At peak load, TTM processed 45,000 requests per minute with an average response time of 65ms.

Worked as a full-stack developer at TTM with an eye toward reducing complexity and stewarding maintainable code. Developed user-facing features, reporting infrastructure, and integration components with Ruby on Rails (supported by a PostgreSQL database), JavaScript, CoffeeScript, and Elm. Selected and leveraged open source software to build features efficiently.

Took ownership of the front-end codebase and led a continuing effort to standardize the visual design, remove CSS duplication, and train the team on best practices. Advocated for and improved user experience throughout the application, bolstering user effectiveness by simplifying tasks.

Contributed to continuous process improvement as part of a team that values reflection and iteration. Consolidated workflow in Github by automatically converting issues from previous project management tools to Github Issues. Partnered with QA and Product Management to standardize the team on a lean, agile process by utilizing to provide a Kanban-like view of the work being done in Github.

Software Engineer, Confluence Technologies, Inc




Expense Team: Built software for Expense Management on top of a new Platform being developed by Confluence with a CQRS/ES architecture, contributing to development on both the server side and front end of the project. Also coordinated efforts with a remote team. Built with JavaScript (jQuery, KnockoutJS, RequireJs), C#, and Microsoft MVC.

Build Team: Automated the inclusion of new and updated libraries so our build machines could reliably compile our products with the right libraries using MSBuild, InstallShield, and TFS.

Production Support Team: Supported Client Services and enhanced existing software with custom projects using Visual Basic 6, C#, XSLT, SQL Server, Oracle, and others.

Senior Software Engineer, Software Management, Inc


Promoted from Software Engineer in July 2009.


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